Gypsy Jazz in the style of the 1970s – A Recital with JoSEPH Perkins and Stuart Hall.

Since the 1970s further generations of Gypsy Jazz musicians have based their musical style on fundamental characteristics of Reinhardt’s music, thus conserving a canon of musical characteristics that have defined the music as Gypsy Jazz. The similarities between the classical style and modern performance include a traditional approach to technique, repertoire and instrumentation. This crisis in tradition is a common reoccurrence seemingly throughout the history of Gypsy Jazz, even with classical pioneers such as Baro Ferret (uncle of Boulou and Elios). In the words of Antonietto, his Swing Musettes were, “long scorned by purists…he explored the swing waltz, a new rather controversial concept: how could a waltz (3/4) swing (4/4)?”. This quotation further proves that these crises in tradition are evident throughout the history of the music, and the 1970s were no exception.

This recital demonstrated Joseph’s impression of 1970s Gypsy Jazz. The full program is available in a PDF:

Recital Program

More video examples from previous recitals:

Performed by Joseph Perkins and Stuart Hall at City University, 21/06/13

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